4 Asian-Inspired Must-Do’s When in Vegas


I’m in Las Vegas for the fourth time in four months. I know what you’re thinking, and no, I don’t gamble (much), drink (excessively), or have money to burn (I wish!). I DO; however, LOVE eating good food and lounging.I have come up with a short list of things I MUST do when in town. Warning. This is not a list for young, energetic, waist-line conscious, kid-less people. Instead, it is a list for the tired mom looking for some comfort sweets and peace when in Las Vegas. Yes, it’s possible to leave Vegas feeling more rested than when you arrived

Eat homemade matcha te ice cream at Matcha Cafe’ Maiko:

This cute little café serves everything matcha flavored. Matcha tea is a type of high-grade Japanese tea plant that grows in the ideal environment of  Harima Garden in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. It is imported to create all the homemade desserts found here. I was thrilled to finally see that matcha desserts had made their way to the US.  (it’s about time!).

Here are some health reasons to drink matcha tea:

  • boost the immune system
  • decrease dental cavities
  • improve energy
  • prevent weight gain
  • improve memory
  • decrease agitation
  • improve blood pressure and cholesterol!

Now, I’m not sure what happens to these health benefits when matcha is combined with dairy and sugar. Nevertheless,  my overall sense of well-being is elevated, so I will continue to eat those green scoops of heaven.

Check out the Matcha Café Maiko menu! If you want some for yourself while you are out there, here’s a map:

Google map: Matcha Maiko Cafe

Get an Asian-inspired face or body treatment:

I can’t adequately describe how wonderful it is to experience an Asian-inspired massage and/or facial treatment. There are so many family-owned, no-frills places in Las Vegas, off the strip, offering many types of massage, for a fraction of the cost fancy resorts charge!  These therapists are trained in Asian techniques of pressure, movement, and manipulation to treat the body’s energy channels and restore energy flow and balance in the body.

I ALWAYS get an ionic foot detox that claims to purge the toxins from my body through my feet. (not true, but it still feels good). I like to combine this with a head and neck hot stone massage. When my treatments are completed, I am so relaxed that the talented therapists with magic hands must peel me off their massage beds and carry me out the door. I leave feeling mentally, spiritually, physically energized. The best part- the treatments prices start around $25!

Here are possible treatments to try:

  • massage- Shiatsu, hot stone, cold stone, ionic, Thai, Swedish types of massage on my feet, whole body, hands, and/or head
  • body treatments- cupping, reflexology, Reiki healing, acupuncture, energy balancing
  • facials- anti-aging, lymphatic draining, gua sha
  • aromatherapy
  • fish pedicures

Most of these places accept walk-ins without a wait and can often accommodate larger groups of people on short notice.

Eat dessert at Raku Sweets:

This tiny little white kitchen counter is the sweets sister-restaurant to Raku Charcoal Grill, both owned by Mitsuo Endo, a world-class Japanese chef. Raku Sweets serves delicate, Japanese French style desserts that look almost too good to eat! “Raku” means “pleasure” in Japanese, and the restaurant’s goal is to entice your sense of smell, vision, and taste, and “make you smile.”

The chefs put on a “pastry performance,” meticulously stirring, baking, painting, designing their edible masterpieces as guests watch and sip paired wine or green tea. The menu is seasonally revolving, and I’m already looking forward to returning next season for another taste.

This is a dining experience that every tired mom must have! Imagine this: watching professionals prep and bake for your pleasure, leisurely savoring each bite and sip, then walking away from the beautiful mess without worrying about the dishes!

No reservations needed, but expect to wait in to get in the door! Check out the Raku Sweets menu

Google map: Raku Sweets

Eat authentic Asian cuisine in Chinatown:

Chinatown is located on a 3-mile stretch of road that sits just north of the Vegas strip on Spring Mountain Road, between Rainbow Boulevard and Valley View Boulevard:

Google map: Vegas Chinatown restaurants

You can find the most culturally-diverse Asian community with the best, authentic cuisine around. These restaurants are almost all locally-owned and serve traditional menus- anything you can imagine. Are you craving Korean barbeque? Vietnamese pho? Japanese ramen?  Filipino lumpia?

Do you have any favorite relaxing thing to do in Las Vegas? 

Please share!

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