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I’m Christine Nedeau, MD, a full-time, board-certified family physician and full-time, kid-certified mom. This is my personal blog about my culture, family, profession, and life.


I am a Filipino-American. I was born in the Philippines, but immigrated to the US with my family when I was three years old and grew up in the Midwest. I am proud of my heritage and do what I can to pass it on to my kids. My ethnicity is the backdrop to who I am and influences every part of my life. You will read many stories of my upbringing – these will help you get to know and understand me.


I’ve been passionate about wellness and self-care for most of my life, so I naturally went into the medical field and now spend my days motivating others to make conscientious decisions about their health.

Wellness in body and mind simply does not happen on its’ own- its takes planning, insight, knowledge and accountability. Right? Good health should never be taken for granted. It’s too precious! 

I’m just like everyone else and I need accountability too. I often struggle to prioritize my own needs, but I continue to work towards my goals.


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