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Affiliate Disclosure – TeenieMD Life & Doctoring

Affiliate Disclosure

Throughout this site and in my posts, you will find links that lead to pertinent resources, products, or services. Some, not all, of the links will lead you to a business which I am affiliated with. If you subscribe, join, purchase, or take any action on these sites, I may earn a small commission from the business if you take some type of action such as providing your email address, purchasing a product or a service.

There is never an extra cost to you for actions such as clicking the link, browsing products, providing an email address, or asking questions. You will be responsible for fees or payments only when you purchase a product or service from that business.

As an affiliate, I have access to special pricing, discounts, promotions and events that are not available to the public. I pass these deals on to the TeenieMD community as they become available.

Commonly asked questions:


What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who partners with a brand and agrees to assist in their marketing for no compensation.

Why become an affiliate?

Writing each post takes many hours and research, and although I enjoy the process, writing takes work. Becoming an affiliate provides a way to earn money through my writing and connects me with a large network of people, products, and businesses that align with my goals of good health and happiness.

Why did you choose these specific businesses for affiliations?

I applied for affiliations with businesses that provide products or services that align with my needs or interests, and therefore, I assume would be useful for the TeenieMD community as well.

I blog about a wide range of topics and interests and provide affiliate links to pertinent businesses when appropriate. My goal is to connect helpful resources, products or services to the TeenieMD readers.

How much do you get paid for the affiliations?

I only get paid if I meet specific requirements as outlined by each business. Each business if different and has varying commission schedules. The amount may be fixed, a percentage, or both. The commissions are small, commonly 1-3% of the total cost of products, only when these are linked to the TeenieMD website.

Will I be charged extra to use the affiliate links?

Absolutely NO.

You will only incur charges if you complete a purchase of some kind. When you are asked to provide your credit card information for payment, then you are choosing to purchase that product or service, and you will be billed the amount you agreed to.

If you browse, read, provide your email address (actions that do not require you to provide your credit card information), then you do not incur any charges.

What brands are you affiliated with?

I am partnered with many brands in varying categories, including well-being, nutrition, fitness, travel, finance, entertainment, education, and fashion. I chose brands that I enjoy, trust, find helpful, find entertaining, or fit the needs of me and my readers.

My affiliations will change as my focus and needs change. Businesses may also change their affiliate programs without notice. I will try to keep the list of affiliates up to date, but if you find a link that is broken, contact me.

For a list of affiliations, go here.

To contact me, go here.

To learn more about me, go here.

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