How I’m Fighting Cheese & Wine During the Holidays

I am weak-willed when it comes to cheese and wine. I need some help this holiday season fighting the temptations.

The Fight and Loss to Brie and Pinot

I ate a brie, bacon, and apple panini paired with a pinot noir recently. I’m lactose-intolerant, and I don’t tolerate alcohol very well. (Asian flush), but it sounded good and looked even more delicious at the time. I admit it- I’m WEAK!

The sandwich was delectable! Toasted perfectly, and the brie was melted and drizzling off the edge of the bread. I ignored my inner voice as I took each savory, sweet bite. I didn’t want to seem wasteful, so I finished the glass of Pinot and more than half of that beautiful sandwich.

Minutes after the food and alcohol hit my stomach, I knew I made a mistake. My pants were getting tighter around my waist and the grumbling was getting louder and more obnoxious. This was not fun. When I got home, I took Lactaid and went to bed feeling gross. That brie was still freakin’ worth this gas, though!

The Morning After

The next morning, I awoke from sleep feeling like I had the flu. My mouth was so dry, it was difficult to form words to ask for water, so I was forced to pull myself out of the bed that felt like quicksand and carry my one-ton pounding head as I made my way to the bathroom sink. All my joints were aching, stiff, and swollen to the point that making a fist was not possible and my wedding band was binding and uncomfortable. In the bathroom mirror, I realized that I looked almost as bad as I felt. My skin was ashen, eyelids and cheeks were puffy, and I looked like I had the flu.  Indulging in dairy and sulfite might not have been worth it after all!

With the holidays coming, I decided I should be more conscientious about eating. To keep me from holiday bloat and next-day misery, I am adhering to these rules:

How I’m Avoiding The Lactose- and Sulfite-Induced Bloat This Holiday Season

  • I’ll say no to cheese.
  • If I choose to eat cheese, then I’ll only have a nibble, and I won’t drink alcohol.
  • If I choose to eat cheese and drink alcohol, then I will only nibble and sip.
  • I’ll choose to eat to-die-for food that makes the post-meal bloat worth it.
  • I’ll wear fitted clothing. No elastic waistband as a reminder for nibbling only.
  • I’ll focus on talking to friends and family instead of obsessing on the foods being served.
  • I’ll take selfies. It’s easy to turn away from any food once I see puffiness.
  • I’ll leave the Lactaid and Tums at home. I deserve what I get.
  • I’ll give my husband permission to yank the offending foods out of my hand before it reaches my mouth. He has to deal with the aftermath too.
  • I’ll ask my sisters and friends to taste all foods first- if they say it’s worth it, then I will dive in, otherwise, I’ll say no.
  • I’ll forgive myself and start fresh at the next meal. No need for guilt. I’ll make a better decision next time.

This is a challenging time of year for everyone, including me. How are you fighting food temptations during the holidays? Please share!

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